FreightlinerFreight Management Services

Here at Axis Worldwide Hospitality Division, we offer a full range of supply chain managed freight solutions.  Our capabilities and personnel extend far beyond the average logistics company. Axis has become a regional provider of world-class supply chain solutions with a true global reach through strategic alliances with our partners across the world.

Axis Worldwide Hospitality Division provides the total package in several key sectors including Hotel and Restaurant, Retail, Casino, Medical and Assisted Living Center logistics. We manage and coordinate the logistics process from start to finish.  Each project receives custom attention and is managed with every focus on the details.  We coordinate the total logistics process of your Purchase Orders, from manufacturer to warehouse or actual project site–ensuring the correct pieces, weight and dimensions are being shipped.  Our premier web-based transportation management system ensures your FF&E/OS&E shipments are tracked and traced daily, resolving issues before they start.  Your shipment is also segregated at our warehouse by side markings and arranged so our installers are able to locate the purchase orders they need for that specific install.  The detail within our managed freight systems delivers the results your client demands.Air_Freight

Finally, we coordinate all our transportation logistics based on our carrier experience, relationships and overall on-time delivery performance.  We are the liaison between the manufacturer, purchasing/procurement company and the developer.  Through our expert control of every project from start to finish, we mitigate unnecessary costs, loss of time and revenue.