Installation Services

One of the most important facets of a project is the installation.  Axis Worldwide Hospitality Division provides a valuable service by utilizing advanced planning, streamlined scheduling, efficient load-in and vast experience.  We aid our clients in identifying cost saving strategies to maximize load-in measures.  Most importantly, Axis Worldwide Hospitality facilitates a turn-key load-in process to ensure your property opens on schedule with appropriate levels of completion and minimal disruption to your operations.

Proper planning and installation are critical to our clients’ success.  In order to facilitate a well managed project, our team follows the four key stages.

* Planning stage ( management/scheduling/punch list )
* Installation stage ( logistical movement into final location )
* Fit-out stage ( the actual positioning, mounting, drilling, etc. )
* Finishing stage ( modifications/go-backs/waste removal )

Every project, whether a small assisted living center or a 500+ room hotel with additional venues, receives the same attention and support.  The execution and detailed coordination of each of these key stages during project installation is critical.  We keep your project running smoothly, improving efficiency and lowering costs.

Put quite simply, we are committed to providing  pro-active results and peace of mind.  We pride ourselves in understanding the complexities and components of each project and strive to meet tough deadlines with grace. Here at Axis, we build lasting relationships with the client/developer, other project managers, interior designers and the procurement individuals and their companies to ensure efficient completion of all projects.  Our staff has years of hands-on experience in FF&E and is always available to engineer any project.